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  • Now you can really swim like a sea otter! These wetsuits are inspired by hairy, semiaquatic mammals such as beavers and sea otters, a group of MIT engineers are fabricating fur-like rubbery pelts learn how these mammals stay warm and even dry while diving underwater.

  • It's almost halloween so this is a question that should be answered. Because the idea of eating human flesh is pretty common in many horror films, but what happens if you eat it?

  • Have you ever had an argument with a friend about the color of a particular object? Well this video will explain how color blind people see the world and shows you wheter or not you are.

  • I’ve always wondered how they build and design such a complex thin. But in this video SUzie Sheehy will discuss the gist of how they work, what form they take, and what the hell champagne means to an accelerator physicist.

  • Growing old is inevitable, but what if we didn't have to do it? Science is really creeping up on this idea, and maybe in the near future it will be possible. But do you want to live forever?

  • Within the near future, driving a car by yourself will be history. But what would a wolrd with only self-driving cars look like?