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  • Despite huge advancements in science and our understanding of the human body, there is still plenty we simply cannot answer. Why do we yawn and what is deja vu?

  • One minor detail you have to discover a part of the Earth that isn't already taken. But hè you can always rely on space exploration or just create an island in the middle of the ocean right?!

  • Cyberpsychologist Mary Aiken explains how artificial intelligence diagnostics lead to psychosomatic symptoms, and potentially explain the fourfold increase in iatrogenic death in the US since 1999.

  • Parasites are more than dormant feeders. Microscopic science is uncovering the ways viruses and bacteria prey on their hosts, influencing them to behave in some very strange ways.

  • Melissa Loomis, an amputee from Ohio, had an experimental nerve reversal surgery and is now being hooked up with a modular prosthetic limb that can really touch and feel.

  • The foldscope is the world's first origami microscope made with a single sheet of paper and is embedded with electronics and lenses.