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  • Growing old is inevitable, but what if we didn't have to do it? Science is really creeping up on this idea, and maybe in the near future it will be possible. But do you want to live forever?

  • It's happening! Again narrated by demigod and science boss Sir David Attenborough (who is already 90).

  • A useless but interesting thought experiment

  • I'm disappointed that the answer wasn't 42.

  • You and nine other individuals have been captured by super-intelligent alien overlords. The aliens think humans look quite tasty, but their civilization forbids eating highly logical and cooperative beings. Unfortunately, they’re not sure whether you qualify, so they decide to give you all a test. Can you solve this hat riddle? Alex Gendler shows how.

  • When you mix red and green, what do you get? White light is all of the colors, right? So, how do computer screens show you every wavelength of light? Or do they?