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  • With this test you can find out how special your body really is, but for god-sake please don't test the toe trick in public because it freaks people out.

  • The martial eagle is Africa's largest eagle and has enough power in one leg to break a human arm. It's an eagle with real super human strength.

  • Nowadays, it's a universally accepted theory that the universe began 13.8 billion years ago with the Big Bang. But did you know that two radio astronomers unintentionally stumbled upon its discovery?

  • Artificial intelligence is becoming more human by the decade, but should we recognize that robots are people and have human rights too?

  • This unreal experiment allows you to see air movement around any object.

  • How do you get what you want, using just your words? Aristotle set out to answer exactly that question over two thousand years ago with a treatise on rhetoric.