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  • Despite huge advancements in science and our understanding of the human body, there is still plenty we simply cannot answer. Why do we yawn and what is deja vu?

  • Parasites are more than dormant feeders. Microscopic science is uncovering the ways viruses and bacteria prey on their hosts, influencing them to behave in some very strange ways.

  • Melissa Loomis, an amputee from Ohio, had an experimental nerve reversal surgery and is now being hooked up with a modular prosthetic limb that can really touch and feel.

  • The foldscope is the world's first origami microscope made with a single sheet of paper and is embedded with electronics and lenses.

  • David Latimer is one of the world's few proud owners of an entirely self-sustaining bottled garden. Looking at pictures of the lush green bottle, you'd think that growing it involved a lot of hard work. But the truth is that David hasn't even watered it in over 40 years. It's just been sitting under the hallway stairs in his home and it's doing extremely well on its own.

  • It’s necessary for us to find new ways to produce energy without using fission or fossil fuels. Is replicating the Sun’s nuclear fusion here on Earth the answer? Could we mine the moon for fuel?